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Learning Model

Learning Model

EcoOlives learning model provides the didactic methodology for the training course and the Manual for trainers. The model combines all pedagogical methods derived from partners’ theoretical backgrounds and practical experiences that are applicable and relevant to the project topic and the target group of olive farmers and olive oil producers. It defines and describes the base for the content development of the course & manual as well as the structure of the technical implementation of the web-platform.


Training Course

EcoOlives Training Course is specifically targeted towards olive-growers in activities (for conversion or diversification) and newcomers who do not have professional agricultural education in organic farming or production. The training course consists 7 modules:Introduction to Eco Olives; How to produce Eco Olives; How to produce Eco Olive Oil; How to market and sell organic olives & olive oil; Sustainability and Certification; Olive groves as part of cultural heritage; Conclusions and Evaluation. 


Manual for Trainers

This Manual for trainers, which is essentially a guidebook for trainers who want to use the EcoOlives Training Course to train and assist olive oil producers and supporting organizations. The result is based on  previous outcomes and the relevant structure. The manual will guide the trainers through the various  elements of the training course according to the modules. Meaning that it will either allow them to  navigate the guide as a whole or to pick which modules they need to integrate into a pre-existing  training approach to expand their practice. The manual will be available only in electronic form in  English and all national languages of the partners.


Platform and Repository

E-Learning platform with multifold use to host the project training course modules. It could be used as databank with various resources (both interactive and passive materials) for both the trainer and the trainees.

  • Open source environment
  • Provides Free of charge access to materials
  • Provides Free registration to users
  • Multilingual environment

Guidebook on Certification

EcoOlives Guidebook on certification of organic olives and olive oil.

This Guidebook will be available in .pdf format in English and all partnership languages – Bulgarian, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

We’re Working on the Results Development

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Online Meetings

EcoOlives partnership meets regularly to monitor the project progress.

Transnational Meetings

The partnership holds in person meetings in each EcoOlives country.


The EcoOlives partners contact locally potential beneficiaries and all interested to join the project activities.


…According to the findings of the „Study on the implementation of conformity checks in the olive oil sector throughout the EU“, there is a lack of staff and funding. Farmers and producers need support in the three years transition period to organic production and a training.

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Learning Model
Training Materials
Manual for Trainers
Platform and Repository
Guidebook on Certification

This Erasmus+ Project has started in January 2022

and will last 31 months until July 2024.



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EcoOlives partners researching for relevant Case studies to present you with, to learn from examples and good practices!


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